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 April 30th - May 7th 2022 

Teramo/central Italy

This retreat offers the opportunity, to explore the relationship with your own body. 

We dive into some theoretical key concepts including anatomy, physiology and biodynamic, through guided & silent meditations and lectures, as well as exploring the balancing qualities of our craniosacral system. 

My intention is, to offer a space to explore, what really works for you and your own body, instead of following tips and protocols from others.

„Everything we do, can be an act of self-love or idealization.“

This Retreat is for you, if you…

… would like to explore the relationship with your own body in a gentle way.

… would like to understand your body and get the hints and messages it's giving you. 

… would like to understand more of the anatomy and biodynamic of your body

… would like to get in touch with your own craniosacral rhythm and enjoy its calming quality.

This retreat is not for you, if you…

…want to optimize your physique in order to live up to an ideal.

About the facilitator:

Sara is a trained naturopath and yogateacher. She has over 15 years of experience in craniosacral bodywork. In the many courses and trainings she gave on anatomy and different areas of body work, she always finds a creative and fun way to explain the topic of anatomy and bodily functions. Sara  also works as a yoga teacher and her aim in her yoga classes is not to teach extraordinary acrobatic postures, but more to find what is appropriate for the body in that specific moment.

Her treatments are like taking a break from the busy daily life, and she aims in her work to give space for people to get in touch with their bodies. During the past two years, she has held women's circles and is guiding women through the journey of getting in touch with the menstrual cycles. This adds a sweet, feminine quality to her work.

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